Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cambridge RSI Clinic

Cambridge RSI Clinic is the city’s first and only dedicated clinic for patients with repetitive strain injuries (RSI), work-related upper limb disorders and other wrist or hand pain.

The Clinic was started by Joy Haughton, a Registered Osteopath and former RSI sufferer, to give Cambridge patients fast access to evidence-based, effective treatment for frustrating wrist and hand problems. The clinic is based at The Therapy Room, a multidisciplinary health centre in Cambridge, and is therefore able to draw on the expertise of a number of highly experienced conventional and complementary health practitioners to create a tailored plan for each patient.
In addition to her training as an Osteopath, Joy Haughton also has a degree in Psychology from the University of Cambridge and has undertaken further study in ergonomics, neural rehabilitation and mindfulness to enable her to give thorough support with both the physical and emotional aspects of RSI. Joy has worked for a number of years with leading self-help psychologists and coaches, so is able to assist patients to make the changes that will make recovery long-lasting.

“Joy Haughton treated me for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from computer work. I was able to return to work very quickly and over time I recovered completely from what can be a permanently debilitating condition. I trust Joy as a practitioner who not only knows her discipline but who can also explain it to me so I understand what has happened and how I can prevent a re-occurrence. Instead of patching me up and dispatching me Joy found the root
cause of my problems and helped me correct it. The work Joy has done with me on not just muscles but also on nerves has meant my recovery has been much better than my ontemporaries with similar conditions. This is a level of knowledge which I haven't found in all practitioners. I hated going around my GP, but they simply didn't have the resources to help me like Joy did. I can't recommend Joy highly enough.” Ellie, Cambridge

For further information or to book an appointment, please
call 01223 315400 or email [email protected].