Tuesday 8 December 2015

Explore your unique Mind-Body connection with Mind-Body Therapy

What is Mind Body Therapy?

Mind Body Therapy explores the unique connection between your mind and your body. It does not instruct how this should be, merely explores how it is thus giving the individual the opportunity to experience their inner reality and the effect that it has on their own health and well-being.

We live in a judgemental society and have therefore learned to be judgemental of ourselves and our perceived failings, especially in regards to our bodies – often criticising them for the way they look and the way they function, getting particularly angry or scared when they start to express the symptoms of ‘illness’.

Sadly we are not taught in schools to understand and respect the incredible workings of our own human body, instead we learn to compare and criticise and so make life more difficult for the body to thrive. It is not until adulthood and often only after many years of unconscious self abuse that people find their way to Mind Body Therapy.

By understanding the relationship between the judgemental mind and the criticised body it becomes easier to learn healthier and more constructive ways of being within the self in order to remove or reduce the effects of symptoms, strengthen the immune system, increase resilience and generally return to a healthier and more balanced way of being.

What happens in a Mind Body Therapy Seminar?

The main focus of these seminars is the opportunity for self awareness within a genuine, safe and mutually supportive environment. It is primarily practical with the theory being delivered as part of the events going on around you. Psycho-drama is one of the many tools we use to enable those willing to share their problems to reach greater understanding and thereby find solutions that may otherwise elude them. By casting members of the audience as ‘actors’ in the problem, we are able to interact with the scene in a way not possible when it all remains in the head. Other techniques may involve art therapy, music and movement.

Above all it is the awareness of our shared human struggles that make these seminars so rewarding. It is not a case of ‘everyone else is sorted’ at all, in fact people the world over struggle with very similar problems of feeling overwhelmed, self sabotage, low self-esteem, addiction, avoidance and fear. By looking at the things we share as human beings, we notice how much kinder, understanding and forgiving we tend to be to others while simultaneously being critical and judgemental of ourselves for the self same feeling!

If you are truly interested in your own self, your own journey, your health, wellness and the unique way you relate to yourself then a mind body seminar is a great way to do some serious self work. If you are fascinated by people and the way they do what they do and the effect that it has on their health and wellness and you want to see in action the processes of change then this seminar is for you.

The next seminar is scheduled for 23rd/24th January in Cambridge follow this link for more details