Monday 26 November 2012

Winter Fair and Open Day

Here's whats happening on Saturday -

NIA - is dancing/moving to the music, having fun, connecting with other people and making some friends, for kids and adults.

QiGong - stand and move like Bamboo in the wind, strong, vital and flexible!

Try delicious organic breads and cakes from Loaf For Life - Cambridge Organic bakery.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Amazing Gut!

We are what we absorb.
In a healthy digestive system, food, supplements, drugs etc are broken down into their tiny particles and taken up to become part of us or to be removed as waste. The digestive wall has a mucosal lining and a bacterial layer (gut flora) that scans every single tiny particle to decide whether it is good or bad and treated appropriately. Bear in mind that a meal consists of billions of particles, minerals, amino acids but also bacteria, fungi etc.
Inappropriate ‘labelling’ results in conditions such as hay fever, food intolerances,  even autoimmune conditions and a variety of mental problems can arise or worsen from this.
 Our entire mucosal lining is renewed every 3-5 days.
For our digestion to function properly and subsequent correct absorption and labelling, we secrete an army of enzymes in the mouth, stomach, gut lining, different organs and intestinal flora to break virtually everything down that enters our digestive system. This includes food and bacteria, rendering them harmless or broken down in absorbable particles.
Due to all these factors our digestive system is like our finger print, unique to us and so problems and solutions have to be individualised, after careful investigation. One size fits all, never worked and will never work. There are an enormous amount of variables that can affect digestive health, from emotional issues, infections, inappropriate diet - your perfect diet is another’s worst. At The Therapy Room your therapist draws form a vast pool of collective scientific knowledge and experience and so we can make positive changes where other things may have failed.
Let our expertise help you lead a life where your digestive system doesn’t dictate your day and you have the energy and well-being to live your life your way. Digestive problems are not a fact of life you just have to live with, they are within your control given the right knowledge and tools.
Let us help give you the tools and the knowledge of how to use them. The Therapy Room Integrated Gut Treatment team.

Robert Tempelaar - Naturopath and Medical Herbalist at The Therapy Room