Monday 28 January 2013

Tiny non-problem causing problem?

Most men don't think twice about sitting on their wallet every single day for decades equally women carrying handbags can have big consequences. Back pain, Sciatica, backache, postural related migraines, but it doesn't stop here. If you take this seemingly innocuous habit that billion of people have as an analogy many of lives metal and physical health issue suddenly get an hole other dimension to it.
They are those little habits(problems) you'd never think about, probably doesn't give problems for many year(hence you don't view it as a problem), until one day,(your back starts aching just a little) that day we would never thinks it is our wallet because we've had it in our pocket for dozens of years.

Now imagine, with another 100 perhaps 1000 tiny issues, postural related, the stuff we eat, or the stuff we drink (like a recent article linking depression with diet drinks), women and their hand bag, sitting or laying in front of the TV or computer on an angle. Accumulative problems are very hard to trace. We twist our back and think it is purely the twist, rather than the years of weakening, making the twist possible. Becoming ill cause by a bug? more like, because our diet and lifestyle weakened our immune system, solution! Antibiotics or strengthening immune system.

Almost not a single age related or disease related degression cannot be moved, sometimes by decades, avoided or reversed. This is often much easier to do than you think.
As 'complementary' health care practitioners we keep an eye out for these problems, perhaps We are bias in our opinion but this is/should be primary health care, and not complementary or alternative as it is often called. The medical/surgery route should be alternative. This is not about medical Dr vs health care practitioner, (because many Dr's practice this way) but about getting that wonderful sense of well-being up in yourself in the way everybody deserves it.
Many people do not know what treatments are possible or what the benefits can be, so I invite all to ask questions to your local practice, what can you do for me?
If you are from around Cambridgshire email us as us your question, or book an appointment!
In health and Happiness,
The Therapy room Cambridge