Wednesday 19 February 2014

Video Explaining The Integrated Health Approach Of The Therapy Room Cambridge

Video Transcript

The Therapy Room Cambridge offers a wide choice of therapist and therapy, in order to provide as many options as possible for our clients and patients. For those who know who they would like to see, or what therapy they would like, we can usually provide them with a good match.
This is not uncommon for many Complementary health clinics, but what we found was missing was
a service that helps people who know something is wrong but either don't know what therapy to try, have tried every therapy or have been through their GP, every specialist, and are being 'managed' by the pain clinic or are on multiple medications.

For these people we designed Integrated Health Consultancy - this incorporates an in depth investigation of health history, symptom diet, lifestyle, physical assessment, medical records, along with a 'listening empathetic ear'. From the information gathered our IHC's will provide an initial report, with recommendations for further testing (if needed), along with a treatment plan, involving specific therapists, taking into consideration, budget and time constraints.
The IHC, is a point of contact where the person can call to discuss their treatment, and the treating therapists can liaise.

Working with Damien, the Integrated Health Consultant and Carolyn a Homeopath at the The Therapy Room Cambridge has been absolutely amazing. 
After a few years of struggling with chronic fatigue, pain and multiple symptoms I really felt at
the end of my tether. 
My GP had been no help and had made me feel like i was a nuisance and I no longer had any
confidence in them. 

Damien and Carolyn were the first people I spoke to who actually recognised and understood the
symptoms I was suffering - what a relief! 
Not only that but they were able to help me understand what these symptoms meant and put in place
a plan to deal with them. 

There was no one thing that caused my illness so it stands to reason that there would be no one
thing that put it right.  Working with a number of therapists from different backgrounds gave me
the holistic approach I needed. 

The support they have provided to me both in the clinic and between appointments has been a vital part of my recovery.  I'm still not quite there but my health is now the best it has been for a
few years and I understand what is happening in my body so much better.  This means that I can be more responsible for my own health and I'm in a position to make decisions about what is best for me.  I know that I can call on them anytime that I need them as I continue on my road to recovery.