Tuesday 9 May 2017

Noriko Sakura Alexander Technique Practitioner The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


Hello, I’m Noriko Sakura, I’m working at The Therapy Room in Cambridge. I’m offering Alexander Technique lessons and hot stone massage. I like working here, because it is a very convenient place and a very good atmosphere. When we enter this building it already feels very friendly and comfortable. There are a lot of therapists here who work together, so we can treat clients from different directions and so really helping.

In Alexander Technique lessons you can identify and gain release from harmful habits you have built up over your lifetime and learn to move freely. Alexander Technique can also help back ache, stiff neck and shoulders, breathing problems, enhance performance. Alexander Technique is applied to everyday life to encourage more mindfulness and ease of movement.

Hot stone massage is a combination of essential oils and smooth stones which have been heated to a comfortable temperature which induces a feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

Nicola Leighton Aromatherapy and Massage Therapist At The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


My name is Nicola Leighton and I am a massage therapist at The Therapy Room. I use clinical massage techniques and aromatherapy. I work with pregnant women to alleviate chronic pain and stress. I have been working here for the last 3 years.

So, I don’t just work with pregnant women, I love working with pregnant women, it’s a great stage of life, but I also work with other people, male, female, all stages of life. Through the techniques that I have I adapt it to work with them on that particular day. So whether they need to lie in a different position, whether we need to use different oils or not, because of who they are and what’s going on in their lives at the time, I can adapt for them. I find that there are a lot of people in Cambridge who are incredibly intelligent and live in their heads and having a great massage is a fantastic way to get back into your body and just love your body a little bit more, rather than living in your head all the time.

The main things I like about working in The Therapy Rooms in Cambridge are the location, that’s great. Most people can get here and the parking is fantastic, no problems there. But also, the really great environment within the clinic, among the therapists with the team of people that are supporting you. It feels that you’re never really working on your own. You can be your own boss, but you’ve got people there to support you and that always feels very helpful. And it’s a really relaxed place to work, there’s a great energy and everyone works well together. Yeah, come, come join the team, the more the merrier. We give each other treatments and that’s always fantastic, so you can know what your fellow practitioners are doing and we can refer to each other any clients that we have, so it’s a great place to try and build up a practice and I highly recommend it.

Dalia Maori Registered Dietitian At The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


I’m Dalia Maori, I’m a registered dietician and I’ve worked at The Therapy Room for 5 years. I specialise in adult and child overweight chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, skin conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases and also disordered eating, such as bulimia, anorexia and orthorexia. So every patient that comes to me in their initial consultation I will look at recent blood tests, I will go into their dietary history and their medical history and any pertinent medical conditions beyond those they’re coming to treatment for. 
Usually most conditions will improve with improved nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. Any consultations moving on from there depend on the condition of the patient. Some people may just need to be seen a few times, some people need to be seen for quite a long period of time, depending on their condition.

It overlaps with the argument that ‘oh, healthy eating is too expensive’, well no it’s not, at all, if you know what you’re doing. If you go and buy a cabbage, a beetroot and a sack of oats, it doesn’t cost the earth at all. If you know how to cook legumes as well, you can use a bag that will feed your family for a number of meals you just need to know what you’re doing. Which is another thing why home economics needs to come back into schools, big time. It’s really, really, important people need to know how to make soups and things, and stews. But 100% it’s better for the environment, it’s far better for you to be eating local foods. And if you’ve got those vibrant colours there, the purples, the reds, the oranges, the greens, that’s the nourishment right there, those are the antioxidants, you don’t have to be having Goji berries.

I’ll never hand out a generic plan, I’ll discover the person, what do you like, what do you not like. I’ll always as them to eat, I’ll start with things that they do like. What we do see over the process is that their palette changes and so they’re willing to embrace different foods. So people who thought that they could only have a sweet breakfast start actually understanding they really enjoy savoury breakfasts. I move people generally at the speed that they’re able to do, some people are faster than others at making behavioural changes and it’s all totally ok.

The Therapy Room is a really warm and welcoming environment for clients and practitioners and it would be wonderful for more practitioners to join the team and expand the wonderful things we can do for the people coming in here looking for help and improving their health.

Damien Clements Integrated Health Practitioner At The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


I start the process by gathering information. The first thing I do is talk with a client and get a feeling of where they are, where the best place may be to start. Whether that is testing or whether that is somewhere else, like a more intuitive therapy.

From that point forward, if we’re going to work together I would ask them to fill out some forms, just so that we can gather some information that may not come out in the initial conversation. From there based on that and the conversations and perhaps some questions that I very often send via email to the client, with those answers I come together with a proposal in terms of testing, perhaps some initial treatment, perhaps working with another therapist if needed to start with.

Then from there we go through testing procedure and we look again at what might be going on. At each stage, we’re honing or refining a perspective or an observation. So, I would come up with a hypothesis on what I think would be the best place to start, and then the testing is there to either confirm or deny that.

Then from there we would start with a treatment program, which could be and normally is diet exercise, lifestyle changes and some targeted supplements. That would be introduced together, so I would expect the client to, as they introduce new things, they would feed back to me via email and then I can course-correct them as we go along. So, the whole process is about them finding out for themselves what works best for them. So, there is certainly a big part of self-empowerment as well as a step-by-step approach in finding out what works and what doesn’t work.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

The Essence of Presence

Do you want to gain insight and vision into your personal journey?
Are you ready to dance outside of your comfort zones?
Do you want time to play, create, move and to explore the joy of being?
During this workshop we will connect with the inner child, experience working with others in more effective and loving ways. We will dance with our shadows and learn how to know ourselves more deeply thus increasing our creativity and artistic skills by seeing ourselves from a new perspective.
The weekend includes a fusion of techniques that include clowning, contact improvisation, practical shamanism, meditation, music, rhythm … and laughing!
By visiting the extraordinary we open our senses to the moment.
This workshop is open to everyone – the only experience needed is life itself.
Come and join us as Nic Cambas guides us through some real life adventures into the self.
Price £150 To book and pay for your place please select MBT Seminar from the dropdown box below and note down your name, email and phone number in the Comments box, or phone 01223 315400 for more details.

Children of all ages welcome



Reflexology 1- Physical Reflexes of the Feet

Reflexology 1  - Physical Reflexes of the Feet
This course is aimed at therapists and health care professionals who wish to add foot reflexology to their existing practice. You will require a working knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.
You will learn:
  • Anatomy of the foot
  • Basic history and principles of reflexology
  • The feet as a mirror of the body
  • How to locate and treat the physical reflexes
  • Relaxation and palpation techniques
  • Indications and contra-indications to therapy
Entry requirement – qualification in anatomy and physiology
Course duration: 2 days - 10am – 4pm
Course cost:  £150
Course dates: May 12th and 13th 2016 
Venue: The Therapy room, 25 Oxford Rd Cambridge CB4 3PH
Course Tutor:  Angela Lattimore

Contact 01223 315400 or [email protected]

Angela Lattimore
Angela is an Integrated Health Practitioner specialising in mind/body related issues, using Psychotherapy, Hynotherapy, reflexology amongst other approaches.

To book your place please select Reflexology from the drop down box below and add you name, email and phone to the Comments box.


Seminar Mind Body and Identity

21/22 May 2016 Cambridge
£150 (don't let money be the reason not to do this - if you need help please contact us)
In this day and age many people struggle with the idea of identity, we wear so many masks and play so many roles for others in our lives that when left alone with just ourselves we seldom know who we are anymore, what we think, how we feel or indeed what we want!
If you have struggled with any of these concepts then our Mind Body and Identity seminar is for you. Working in both large and small groups we will begin by building safe boundaries within which to explore these concepts, we use psychodrama to enact real life situations to better see how we are interacting with the world around us, how often we deny our true thoughts and feelings in deference to someone else’s, without really checking whether this is even true let alone helpful. As a result we feel powerless, burdened and unappreciated. The seminar is about exploring how to be your true authentic self, recognising that you have every right to feel what you feel – regardless of someone else’s judgement. You have the right to your own opinion even if it differs from those you love. You have a right to be You – even if it displeases someone else.
These can be very difficult challenges to face, it can feel scary and disloyal, like we are doing something wrong or bad, but living a life that is not true to the self is one of the biggest regrets people have in later life. There is a way out of this pattern and it is never as destructive as we fear it will be – in fact the benefits so outweigh any short term discomforts that we are usually left wondering why it took us so long to take the step into self!
Please come and join us at Abington Barn on May 21/22 and give yourself the gift of being your true self.
2 days of practical and theoretical experience in the fascinating sphere of the mind body connection - also known scientifically as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) You will have the opportunity to explore your own mind body relationships in both small and larger groups in a safe, trusting, mutually supportive environment.
You will also get the opportunity to see mind body therapy in action in the form of psychodrama, focusing on volunteers presenting their issues and then having them acted out using other audience members as 'actors' to enable insight to make workable changes.
This seminar is open access and will appeal to anyone interested in the mind body connection and how that awareness can improve their own health. It is also aimed at those already working in the mental healthcare field who might be interested in expanding into the field of Mind Body Therapy. You will learnpractical skills that can be immediately integrated into your existing practice.
The seminar will be led by Angela Lattimore and Prof Jure Biechonski.
Angela is the owner of The Therapy Room Integrated Health Clinic in Cambridge and practices and teaches Mind Body Therapy. She worked for ten years as an Anatomist at the University of Cambridge, and leads seminars and training internationally.
Jure is a counselling psychologist, and runs an international training school in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. He runs courses and lecture around the world.
Jure and Angela have worked together for many years leading seminars in different countries.
We look forward to seeing you at a seminar soon.
The seminar will be held at Abington Barn, Cambridge CB21 6AP 

To book you place please select MBT seminar from the drop down menu below and add your name email and phone number to the comments box, or call 01223 315400 for more details.