Thursday 14 April 2011

Spring Cleaning!!

Last week Spring time finally peeked her sparkly fresh face around the corner, and immediately I could see that the sunshine and warm temperatures made people feel much better. I saw more smiles and more relaxed walks were being walked on the streets of Cambridge. Spring is an excellent time for cleaning, and I don't mean just the house! Your body and mind may welcome a treat as well after a long dark and cold winter. One way to start your personal Spring Cleaning is by getting your diet right. Not one diet is perfect for every person, so a personalised diet advice based on your own metabolism may drastically improve your energy levels or help you loose those extra winter pounds. Get a free consultation with our health and diet consultant now! Or get rid of the winter 'stuckness' by getting the flow going in our Taiji or Qi Gong classes. These two forms of martial arts are both active and gentle and will improve your energy levels and increase body awareness. Come in on a Wednesday afternoon and try your first class for free! Alternatively, you might get rid of those winter aches in a wonderful relaxing or invigorating massage or reflexology treatment. We have several well-trained massage therapists offering different kinds of massage, such as Swedish, sports and holistic massage as well as traditional Chinese chair massage and reflexology treatments. Let's not forget your mind though! Our excellent psychotherapists and hypnotherapists may be able to help you ease stresses or get rid of the last bits of winter blues. Even if you're not so fond of Spring just because it makes your nose run and your eyes itch, our homeopaths may be able to help you ease those allergy symptoms without the need of conventional drugs making you drowsy. So give yourself a treat and get yourself ready and relaxed for Spring time! Learn more about the therapies that we offer and find out which might be the right one for you. Detailed information about our therapies and therapists can be found on our website You may also contact us for bookings or more information via email ([email protected]) or phone (01223 315400). We look forward to helping you with your Spring Cleaning!!

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