Tuesday 24 May 2011

Three Good Reasons to book on 'The Sick to your Stomach' workshop

1.Get the most from your second brain -

Did you know the gut has more nerve endings than the brain, and that the gut responds to all different ‘feeding’ (taste, smell, sight, hearing, and stress) messages entering your body and relays back to your brain and body! Learn how and why

2. Unravel the cause from the symptoms -
The three main causes of disease are: Nutritional deficiencies, Toxicity and Stress. These can all manifest in a myriad of symptoms, that we all see in our practices. In the 'Sick to your stomach'  workshop we will share effective tools to assess and understand the root of the symptom(s) or disease.

3. Discover simple tools to use for treatment -

Learn to use Food, Sleep, and Movement as important medicine, as well as a tool to augment or support any treatment.

Course details:
Date/time: Saturday June 8th 2011, 10am to 6pm
Location:The Therapy Room, 25 Oxford Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PH.
Cost: £95, including refreshments, payable in advance. Payment will be required to book your place.
Please make cheques payable to ‘Damien Clements’ or phone 01223 315400 to make payment by debit or credit card.
Book your place by phone (01223 315400) or mail at the above address, there is a maximum of 15 students!

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