Tuesday 10 January 2012

Case Study: How Kinesiology can help with Anxiety

I’ve had a young boy who came to see me as he was so anxious before his kick boxing matches that he was sick every time.

Treatment: I let him think about last time it happened (which caused his muscles to weaken from the stress of that memory) and then I muscle tested what strengthened the weakened muscle. The treatment for him turned out to be a combination of:

· tapping messages around the temporal bone,
· pressing reflex points around solar plexus whilst holding emotional points on his forehead and
· acupressure points

I also showed him EFT so that he would have a tool to take home.

He later told me had a match a few days afterwards where he felt very confident and was not sick.

My treatments for anxiety are very individual depending on the client, but in most cases it involves using one or a few of the below techniques:

· sacro-cranial / dural membrane
· NEP – abdominal brain reflex points
· Solar plexus reflex points
· Temporal tap
· Acupuncture points (for emotional work I prefer to hold the points with my fingers rather than using needles)

I also look at where in the body they store their anxiety (where they can feel it physically) to release the tension/block there, as wellas biochemical imbalances that can cause anxiety.

For more information please contact Maja Asell at The Therapy Room - 01223 315400

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