Sunday 13 May 2012

We would like to welcome new therapist Marisol Sanchez-Blesa..........

Marisol Sanchez-Blesa worked as a support worker with different groups, such as people with learning disabilities, immigrants or drug-abusers, after she graduated as a Technical Expert in Social Integration. For several years she worked as general manager, this was perhaps her first training as a coach.

While she was doing the BA (Hons) in Sociology, she decided to turn her interest in human sexuality into a career. During her final year, she specialised in sexuality and gender. Her final project was titled  Discovering Oneself: Heteronormativityand women's desire, which not only gave her access to a large amount of literature, but also to develop her own research. Later, she studied a MSc in Gender, Sexuality & Society. In this opportunity the dissertation was focused onThe Impact of Impotence on Male Identity.

She holds a diploma in Life Coaching, and has also completed different courses such as Sexuality and Its Disorders, or Social Mediator in Emotional andSexual Education in Spain.

In May 2010, she started the blog La Sexualidad de Lilith (Lilith's Sexuality), where expresses her ideas about gender and sexuality. The blog also contains a 'gallery of vulvas and penises' to vindicate the diversity and the beauty of genitalia. She collaborates sporadically with various Spanish news media, such as Periodico Diagonal or Una Buena Barba.


Life Coaching
In life coaching, you lead the process, and you decide the speed of the progress. You determine the outcomes, you decide how many sessions you want to take, and how often the sessions will take place.

Sex Coaching
Sex coaching is a way to share sex positivity and to celebrate our sexual energy. It offers a safe place to heal your pain, to reclaim your right to enjoy sex, and to recuperate sexual power.

For more information please contact Marisol at The Therapy Room Cambridge.

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