Tuesday 19 March 2013



Everybody know many people or are one of those with chronic back ache, muscular problems and pain, neck pains, limited movement in limbs, sort feet etc...

Many people won't take action and accept a discomfort in their life as being a part of life. Although I truly believe that we all have the born right to feel amazing, we do have a responsibility to ourselves to understand that only we can help ourselves and this takes proactive measures. Most often we solve our own problems but sometimes these proactive measures mean that sometimes we need to involve a professional to advise us on the road to well-being.  When our car is broken we call a mechanic for computer problems we have IT technicians. For health issues there are health professionals.

Physical pain can have many different reasons, consulting a health professional such as an osteopath to take proactive measures is a step on the road to feeling great. Or if you feel that the mechanical aspect of osteopathy will not solve your problems, speak to somebody with knowledge of different therapies to direct you to an appropriate therapy.

At the therapy room we have such a service, a free 15min consultation helping you to be proactive reaching your right of feeling great. Email us at info@thetherapyroom or call 01223315400

Other proactive health tips are:
-Research the world of knowledge of the internet.
Bear in mind that often multiple health problems are related.
-Many health issues disappear after dietary adjustments
Less refined foods, more vegetable, quality protein intake
-stagnation due to a lack of movement can cause many problems
starting exercising, or change the type or intensity of exercise.

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