Tuesday 9 May 2017

Damien Clements Integrated Health Practitioner At The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


I start the process by gathering information. The first thing I do is talk with a client and get a feeling of where they are, where the best place may be to start. Whether that is testing or whether that is somewhere else, like a more intuitive therapy.

From that point forward, if we’re going to work together I would ask them to fill out some forms, just so that we can gather some information that may not come out in the initial conversation. From there based on that and the conversations and perhaps some questions that I very often send via email to the client, with those answers I come together with a proposal in terms of testing, perhaps some initial treatment, perhaps working with another therapist if needed to start with.

Then from there we go through testing procedure and we look again at what might be going on. At each stage, we’re honing or refining a perspective or an observation. So, I would come up with a hypothesis on what I think would be the best place to start, and then the testing is there to either confirm or deny that.

Then from there we would start with a treatment program, which could be and normally is diet exercise, lifestyle changes and some targeted supplements. That would be introduced together, so I would expect the client to, as they introduce new things, they would feed back to me via email and then I can course-correct them as we go along. So, the whole process is about them finding out for themselves what works best for them. So, there is certainly a big part of self-empowerment as well as a step-by-step approach in finding out what works and what doesn’t work.

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