Tuesday 9 May 2017

Noriko Sakura Alexander Technique Practitioner The Therapy Room Cambridge Video Introduction


Hello, I’m Noriko Sakura, I’m working at The Therapy Room in Cambridge. I’m offering Alexander Technique lessons and hot stone massage. I like working here, because it is a very convenient place and a very good atmosphere. When we enter this building it already feels very friendly and comfortable. There are a lot of therapists here who work together, so we can treat clients from different directions and so really helping.

In Alexander Technique lessons you can identify and gain release from harmful habits you have built up over your lifetime and learn to move freely. Alexander Technique can also help back ache, stiff neck and shoulders, breathing problems, enhance performance. Alexander Technique is applied to everyday life to encourage more mindfulness and ease of movement.

Hot stone massage is a combination of essential oils and smooth stones which have been heated to a comfortable temperature which induces a feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

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