Monday 21 February 2011

Homeopathy to Help Eczema

Germany is the historic home of homeopathy, and this form of medicine is very well recognised there. In 2006, the Charité University Medical Centre published a 12-months study showing that homoeopathic treatment was as effective to influence eczema symptoms and improve quality of life (QoL) as conventional treatment. It also had less side-effect and was cheaper*.
In the UK, a lot of people have their first contact with homeopathy when seeking treatment for their babies and kids, because it is non-toxic. Eczema is a common issue and responses are very often positive.
There is very often a hereditary component. However, more and more children get diagnosed with this condition, and this shows that changing lifestyle has an important play as well.
The first approach in homeopathy is to support the eliminatory organs: improvements in diet, support to the liver and the large intestine may help with toxin elimination.
If there is an obvious trigger, such as trauma, stress or infection, the focus should be on them as they can put the immune system out of balance, triggering skin problems.
If you want to know more about how homeopathy can help with eczema, feel free to contact the Clinic for an appointment.

(*): This was reported in the Daily Mail of the 8th of June 2006.

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