Monday 21 February 2011

Revitalize yourself with Tai Chi and Qigong!

Wudang Style Health Sports and Massages at the Cambridge Therapy Room
Revitalize yourself with Tai Chi and Qigong!

Peter wants to help revitalize yourself by creating awareness of one's Being and Self. He applies Wudang Style Movement exercises to create and support this process. Wudang fitness I for flexibility and agility: a fitness class which starts relaxing and slowly picks up speed. You play with your own fitness and aim to build agility and flexibility. The Wudang Fitness rejuvenates and creates supple joints and muscles. The deep and relaxed breath will improve attention and concentration in your body. Wudang Taiji 13 for relaxed control in movement: Wudang Taiji 13 teaches you the three basic principles of Taijiquan as developed by Zang Sanfeng. You will create attention, balance and strength. Bamboo formula qigong for posture, relaxation and radiance: a series of 15 movements which are repeated 9 times. You strive to stand and move like Bamboo in the wind, strong, vital and flexible. It is a calming but graceful exercise to enhance stillness, awareness and balance in your body. All exercises are safe when performed correctly and can be practised by everyone of every age.
Furthermore he does a Traditional Chinese Chair Massage a comforting and relaxing massage which reduces stress and tension related discomfort, like headaches. A traditional method of chair massage which differs from Shiatsu-based chair massage in that the client is asked to take an active part in posture correction. With this the client also learns how to prevent discomfort and complaints due to a wrong posture. It is a comforting relaxing massage, reducing stress and tension related discomfort, like headaches. This massage is an ideal form to be used for onsite corporate sessions.
Peter Voshol holds a PhD in Medical Sciences and he is involved in research and education related to nutrient metabolism and integrative physiology in relation to Obesity and Diabetes at the University of Cambridge. Furthermore, he is a student of the International Oriental College in Amsterdam, NL ( This is a strong Self-cultivation-based University for Daoist-based Chinese Medicine and Movement. He is qualified as an instructor in Wudang Health Sports (Wudang Fitness, Taiji and Qigong) and is a Traditional Chinese Chair Masseur working at the Cambridge Therapy Room,
Movement classes are £8.- per hour class while the massages are £15.- for 20 minutes. Massages are Wednesdays 3-5 pm while the movement classes are 5-7pm. For information please contact Peter at [email protected] or call the Cambridge Therapy Room, 01223 315400 to make an appointment.

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