Monday 5 March 2012

Life Principle 2 - Breathing

One of the most vital components to good health. Shallow poor quality breathing leads to a toxic body and chronic fatigue, tight neck muscles, lower back pain, headaches and many more dysfunctions within the body. Learn how to maximize breath for optimal health and vitality.

Stand up and take a deep breath in, whilst looking in a mirror. Where does the breath come from - chest, shoulders, neck tummy?

Now try and breath from your tummy only, help yourself by putting on hand on your chest (it shouldn't move) and one on your tummy. Does that feel difficult?

We are designed to take a breath in using the muscles of the diaphragm primarily (just  above your tummy) and the muscles between the ribs and above the shoulders should only get involved when we are exercising hard. 

Retraining to breath in the way we are designed will help every cell in your body work better.

Spend 5 minutes every day, lying on your back with your knees bent, just breathing in and out through your nose (or through pursed lips), just from your tummy. 

It is worth writing down a small record of all the little niggles, like back and joint pain, headache, before you start doing this, revisit this list each week and check off any that aren't there any more - you'll be surprised!

Damien Clements - Integrated Health Practitioner

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