Thursday 22 March 2012

Life Principle 4: Are you we truly what we eat?

Well, no we aren't - We are what we eat, digest, absorb, assimilate (make things), and don't excrete.

This may sound pedantic, but one of the most common problems are those associated with the Gut, and this is where most of these things occur (we assimilate once the food has gone through the gut wall, and passed through the liver, and into the blood stream).

The gut is designed to be a huge long protective, and absorptive organ, that keeps out the bad and absorbs only what is usable to the body (with the help of the liver). If at any stage along the gut there is a dysfunction, then no matter how good our diet is, it won't  go to produce energy, rebuild, repair, or produce good function in our body.

Common symptoms of gut dysfunction, are-
rumbling tummy
bad breath
excess gas
and many more.

My top tips for better Gut function are -
-Chew your food more than you think necessary
-Don't drink with your meal
-If you know a food irritates you even only in a small way (eg. a runny nose), eat it only 1 or 2 times per week.
-Pick food that grows in the ground or on trees, and limit those that have labels on their packaging that you can't understand!
-Dairy, and gluten containing grains are the most commonly reactive foods in the UK, and also the most popular!

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Damien Clements - Integrated Health Practitioner

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