Monday 13 February 2012

"Home fever" is the new hay fever...

Our homes are a huge source of pollution, and are contributing to making us sick, from outgasing from carpets, curtains, paint, heating systems, dust, household cleaners, but the newest threat is from unseen EMG radiation from WiFi, DECT phones, mobile phone masts. They weaken the systems in our body and leave us open to many  Read more here..

But what can we do about it?
Well here are a few tips -
1. Wire your internet access in your home, and switch of WiFi.

2. Get some house plants that mop up, our household pollution. Pick from some of these - AGLAONEMA treubii - Chinese Evergreen, CHLORPHYTUM comosum Vittatum - Spider or Airplane plants, Dracaena deremensis (Janet Craig), DRACAENA fragens - Cornplant, DRACAENA marginata, Epipremnum aureum (Devil's Ivy), FICUS benjamina - Weeping Fig, HEDERA helix - Engligh Ivy, Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm), NEPHROLEPIS ex. Bostoniensis - Boston Fern, ORCHIDACEAE - Orchid, PHILODENDRONS, especially oxycardium - Heart-leaf, PHOENIX roebelenii - Dwarf/Pigmy Date Palm, SYNGONIUM podophyllum - Arrowhead plant, SANSEVIERIA, SCINDAPSUS aureus - Devil's Ivy, including Silver Pothos, Pothos Gold and Pothos Marble Queen, and SPATHIPHYLLUM clevelandii - Peace-lilly, White Flag.

  • 3. Get an airtube headset for talking on your mobile phone. Do a search on Google for a selection of options.

    4. For more advice book a free consultation at The Therapy Room here

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