Monday 27 February 2012

Thinking yourself healthy? Life Principle 1 - Thoughts

Can the way you think influence your health? Well most of us would agree that if you don't feel happy then it often gives us a headache or tiredness, or tummy ache or some other symptom, and most people would also agree that happiness has something to do with what is going on in our brains - the way we think. So perhaps we all agree, and hynotherapists tap into this. This is actually backed up with quite a lot of research, which is easy to find if you 'google it'.

Wellness (health) is an integration of body, mind and spirit;
Awareness that everything that we 
"think, feel, do" and "say, believe, value" 
impact on our overall state of health and wellness.

Anything that helps  build our awareness of thoughts that enter our head (we have 65000 per day according to Dr Deepak Chopra), and our ability to hang onto only the thoughts that serve us, will help us in any health goal.

Should do, can't, ought to, I'm not good enough, I don't deserve, and many others, are examples of thoughts that may be repeated in your mind over and over, reinforcing themselves. Think how this influences what you do, how much time you spend with yourself for yourself, thinking and feeling what you eat or drink, the relationships you choose. 

This week be aware of when you say or think these things, and stop and say the opposite -
I'm not good enough - I'm good enough.
I don't deserve - I deserve...

It will be a small step, but great journeys start this way..

Tune in next week to see how Breathing influences our health in so many ways..

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