Wednesday 22 February 2012

The six life principles for health and happiness

Our health comes down to a combination of actions associated with the 6 life principles that we do everyday without being very conscious of them. These principles are the foundation for our health. Doing them poorly over long periods of time results in lack of health, vitality, energy, self-esteem, image and eventually disease. Improving any or all of these will significantly improve health and vitality for us.

I will be covering one principle per week, and offering my insight into how it has worked for me and my clients, and how it can work for you, with practical tips you can use to help yourself.

Next week will begin with how our thoughts or our mind powerfully oversee our health.

How often do you think about what your body does for you, and what messages it is telling you, spend 5 minutes this week, in a quiet place and focus on your body - is there an ache, tension, discomfort, weakness, soreness? Write them down on a piece of paper - this will be very useful to refer back to when we start looking at the 6 life principles.

Damien Clements Integrate Health Practitioner

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